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We want to revive the belief system that our grandparents and the generations before them had, which is to buy something of quality and longevity and then repair and care for that item.

There are 58 parts in a Fieldbar Drinks Box, all designed to be removed, repaired, and replaced if required. We call this Sustainable Design, and it means your Fieldbar Drinks Box can last forever. That's good for you, for us and the planet we live on.


  • Genuine off-cut double-sided leather handle for extra carry comfort
  • Reflective paint to reduce heat absorption
  • High performance removable and zero ozone-depleting foam insulation
  • Patent-pending lid lock
  • Water- and airtight gasket
  • Food-grade, BPA-free, easy-to-clean interior cabinet
  • Aluminium hidden hinges - designed to last forever
  • Aluminium handle“ears”
  • Impact-resistant and scratch-proof outer cabinet
  • Prenumbered brass plaque for quality control and tracking
  • Silicone nonslip feet


Fieldbar makes cooler boxes that are not only thoughtfully designed and beautiful to look at, but also offer category-leading ice performance, often outperforming coolers twice as big.

Packed full of ice, and left outside in the shade, the FIELDBAR Drinks Box can keep ice for an incredible 50 hours.

‒ Thermal effective shape
‒ Closed cell proprietary foam
‒ Radiation reflective paint

‒ Airtight lid gasket
‒ Raised floor


The Fieldbar Drinks Box only weighs 1.8kg but can withstand a weight of 120kg.

Durable, scratch resistance and impact proof.  Fieldbar coolers are made from a special composite ABS plastic that's used in various high-impact protection products. That's why all Fieldbars come with a 5‒year warranty.